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if u dont eat girls out but you expect head ur a little bitch

Tuesday, July 29th
I started promising myself to
never stay anywhere I’m not
very much wanted. I have too
many scars to be breaking
my bones to fit into places
that weren’t made to fit me.
- anne, maybe I always feel out of place because I’m always placing myself where I don’t belong.  (via elauxe)
Tuesday, July 29th
That is your art form:
creating vestiges
out of lace and lashes.
Everything just fell away.
- From While She’s Gone by Jim Carroll (via hush-syrup)
Tuesday, July 29th

You were always going to be
my temporary solution;
a bandaid to heal all of my wounds,

and I’m sorry that peeling you
off of my skin, didn’t hurt me
nearly as much as it hurt you.

- You were warned, IS. (via wordsofindya)
Tuesday, July 29th
There is something satisfying
about missing someone,
and perhaps it’s the feeling
that your heart belongs
somewhere other
than where it is.
- Brittany Rubio, Finding the Pleasure in the Pain. (via songofanothersummer)
Tuesday, July 29th
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girls with swords > girls without swords

Tuesday, July 29th
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Korra - Charlie Brown edition




If the fandom wants to kill me now, they can….

Monday, July 28th
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